Free slots and video poker have become very popular casino games recently. In the last few years many states have passed regulatory bills which require casinos to offer these free games to customers. This has generated a new business in the casino industry, which is referred to as free slots and video poker or online casino gambling. There are also other online casinos which offer free slots and video poker game where players can play for real cash or virtual money. Most of these sites offer a variety of slots games that are suitable for novices.

Online casinos have become very popular in recent times. Many states have taken action against online casinos, which are based within state borders. Casino regulators claim that the internet gambling businesses do not follow standard protocol by releasing winning codes for their free slots and video poker games. In some cases the codes have caused direct losses to online casino gambling websites. Regulators in some jurisdictions have even gone as far as to ban these operations completely. In Washington, there was a Treasury Department spokesperson who declined comment on the free slots and video poker video spins free spins banking scam ruling.

In a related case, the New Jersey Gaming Commission fined a state gambling agency $40,000 for not implementing anti-money laundering measures within the online casino business. In the case this happened, the gaming commission fined the New Jersey agency for not implementing anti-money laundering controls. The commission found that the free slots and video poker game were being operated on a site with the purpose of defrauding the gaming commission. A few weeks later, the New Jersey Gaming Commission levied a fine on the same online casino for notifying the U.S. government about the fraudulent activities.

Recently the Internal Revenue Service proposed new regulations that would make it illegal for an online casino to offer free casino slots and video poker games to its players. The regulations would also impose significant financial penalties on any online casino that were found to be involved in money laundering. If adopted, this legislation could put an end to free online casino slots and video poker games. This is because if the gaming agency finds out that an online casino is involved in any criminal activity, the casino would be shut down. Even video poker sites that are not ultimately criminal related could find themselves shut down by this legislation.

Naturally, there are many people who will disagree with the notion that there is a need to regulate casino games. The fact is that money laundering is an illegal and unacceptable practice no matter what online casino game is being played. Yet, without regulating the free casino slots and video poker games, there is a real possibility that these sites could begin to engage in money laundering schemes. This could lead to the closure of legitimate online casinos and the fraudulent activities of online gamblers. This threatens the well being of all Internet users.

At the very least, the free slots and video poker gambling that you have enjoyed for years on free casino sites may no longer be available to you. This is why it is imperative that as a consumer you are aware of the potential dangers that could be involved in free casino slots and free video poker games. Do not simply hand over your credit card information or other private information to any website that offers free casino games. Protect yourself and your money by educating yourself about the online casino industry.